Ty Beanie Boos Owlette White Owl Small (15cm x 9.5cm x 7cm)

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Ty Beanie Boos Owlette White Owl Small (15cm x 9.5cm x 7cm)

Find a night owl friend to go on adventures and snuggle with in this Ty Beanie owl. This cuddly little Ty Owlette loves to fly around and explore before cuddling up for bed. Even though she stays up late, she’ll still go to bed with you each night. Her feathers are made with silk fabric that feels super soft against your skin so you can snuggle all night without your skin getting irritated.

Ty Owlette Beanie Boo Features:

  • Super soft silk fabric
  • Sparkling glitter eyes
  • Needs a good snuggly friend
  • A cuddly little owl
  • Includes an official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only
  • 15 cm

Ty Beanie Owl Birthday and Poem:

April 20th Tuck me in to sleep at night But when you hug me, hold me tight!

Night Owl

This Ty Owlette loves to play and explore well into the night, but she’ll settle down early with those she loves. After a long day, cuddle up with this super soft Ty Beanie Owl. She’s made with silk material that feels luxurious against your skin and shouldn’t cause irritation. Just make sure you hold on tight to Owlette, she might fly around in her sleep!

Winged Explorer

Take your playtime adventures to new heights with this Ty Beanie owl. She loves to stretch her wings and fly around while playing, especially during cool nights. But you won’t have to chase mice all day, Owlette is happy to join you in everything. Thanks to her small size, you can take her with you anywhere you go!

Owlette Ty Beanie Boo

Bond with this Ty Owlette Beanie boo right away with her Ty Heart. It provides you with her birthday and a short poem about her. This helps you get to know her and what she likes or dislikes so you can connect over any commonalities. Make a friend for life with this Owlette Ty Beanie Boo owl!

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