Ty Beanie Boos Helena Husky With Horn Small (15cm x 9cm x 9cm)

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Ty Beanie Boos Helena Husky with Horn Small (15cm x 9cm x 9cm)

This unique Ty Beanie Boos husky is the perfect cuddle buddy. Helena is made with super soft fabric that’s silky smooth against your skin. Even her sparkly horn has a soft texture that shouldn’t cause irritation. Thanks to her small size, you can have cuddles and playtime everywhere you go. Discover your new best friend in this husky Beanie Boo.

Ty Beanie Boos Husky Features:

  • Super soft Ty silk fabric
  • Sparkling blue glitter eyes
  • Textured sparkle accents
  • Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only
  • 15 cm

Helena Ty Beanie Boo Birthday and Poem:

May 29 I’m the dog you would love to dream up Have you ever seen a more unique pup?

Husky Cuddles

Just because this Helena Ty Beanie Boo is magical and has a horn doesn’t mean she doesn’t love to snuggle up. Her tie-dye fur is made from super soft silk fabric so you enjoy cuddle-time as much as she does! Don’t worry about her horn getting in the way and poking you, it may be sparkly but it’s soft too.

Puppy Play

This Husky Beanie Boo might be magical, but she loves to play just like any other puppy. Thanks to her small size, she doesn’t need to miss out on any adventures! You can easily carry her around or pack her in bags for longer trips.

Husky Beanie Boo

You can make a strong connection with this magical Ty Beanie Boos Husky. Helena comes with a Ty Heart that tells you her birthday and includes a short poem about her. This can help you get to know her personality and bond over any commonalities!

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