Ty Beanie Boos Dangler Two Tone Grey Sloth Medium (33cm x 15cm x 13cm)

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Ty Beanie Boos Dangler Two Tone Grey Sloth Medium (33cm x 15cm x 13cm)

Hang around with this Ty Sloth Beanie Boo and you’re sure to become the best of friends. Dangler loves to cuddle and is made from super soft silk fabric that shouldn’t irritate your skin. Thanks to his small size, you can even take him with you for adventures! Slow down and take time to cuddle with this Beanie Boo Dangler.

Sloth Beanie Boo Features:

  • Super soft Ty silk fabric
  • Golden glitter eyes
  • Textured super sparkle accents on paws
  • A cheerful expression brightens your day
  • Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only

Beanie Boo Dangler Birthday and Poem:

February 22nd You will find me Way up in the trees, I hang upside down And swing in the breeze.

Slow-Mo Snuggles

Dangler the sloth Beanie Boo may not move as fast as you, but he’s great at cuddles! They’re his favorite next to hanging from trees. He’s made from super soft Ty silk fabric that doesn’t just make cuddle-time more enjoyable but keeps your skin from getting irritated.

Comfort Anywhere

Just because this Beanie Boo dangler can’t move very quickly on his own doesn’t mean he can’t join all your adventures! Thanks to his small size, it’s easy to take this Ty Dangler anywhere you go. Whether you carry him or pack him in different bags, you can take comfort wherever you go.

Ty Dangler Sloth

Discover your new best friend in this sloth Beanie Boo. He comes with an official Ty Heart that has his birthday and a poem. This may help you create a stronger connection with Dangler by connecting over commonalities or a shared birthday.

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