Ty Beanie Bellies Clawdia Black Striped Brown Tiger

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Ty Beanie Bellies Clawdia Black Striped Brown Tiger

Bring out the fierceness of your little one with this Ty Clawdia tiger plush toy. She sits in an attentive position always ready to give a hug and listen to stories. But don’t worry, she’s made with super soft velvety material, so your child’s skin shouldn’t get irritated even from the most intense cuddles! Clawdia is also the perfect size for tagging along on any adventures to provide comfort.

Ty Clawdia Tiger Plush Features:

  • Super soft velvety fabric
  • Sparkling gold glitter eyes
  • Captivating brown tiger with black stripes
  • Black embroidered paws reach out for hugs
  • Sits in an attentive pose
  • Ready to listen to stories and hang out
  • Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only
  • 20 cm

Tiger Plush Toy Birthday and Poem:

April 5th My claws are best for snatching up treats I tuck them away until it’s time to feast.

Purrfect Companion

Discover your little one’s favorite companion with this tiger plush toy. She’s made with super soft velvety material so your child can cuddle all day without any irritation. The Ty Clawdia also has black embroidered paws that are always ready to give a hug.


No matter where you go, this Ty Clawdia plush tiger can be right there with you and your child. She’s only 20 cm, meaning she can fit in most bags or can be carried. She also sits in an attentive position, making her purrfect for long car rides or any situation. This tiger plush toy enjoys listening to your stories and hanging out!

Ty Clawdia Tiger

Your little one can make an even deeper connection with this tiger plush toy. Her official Ty Heart includes her birthday, April 5th, and a poem. This lets your child know more about the stuffy so they can bond. With her stripes and sparkling golden eyes, Clawdia is there to provide comfort for your child.

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