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Expires September 2024 Clearance Harmonic Arts Artisan Tea Moontime (Formerly Women's Moon) 454g

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Harmonic Arts Artisan Tea Moontime (Formerly Women's Moon)

Formerly Women's Moon

Sip your way to moontime relief with this soothing blend featuring Cramp Bark, Vitex, and Lady’s Mantle. Steep, strain and cheers to moontime self-care!


  • Organically Wild Harvested.
  • Feels: Comforting, cozy, balancing.
  • Tastes: Floral and fruity with hints of rose and cinnamon.
  • Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada.


Steep 1-2 tsp 5-15 mins.


Vitex (Chaste) Berries: Supports hormonal and uterine health.

Ladies Mantle: Regulates the moon cycle.

Cramp Bark: Provides relief from PMS and cramps.

Nettle Leaf: building support for (heavy) moon flow.

Red Rose Petals: Feminine energy and a slight aphrodisiac.

Cleavers: Eases bloating and water retention.

Cinnamon (Cassia): Warming, aids in circulation. Ginger - Helps to reduce pain.

Ginger Root: May help to ease digestive discomfort.