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Landish Chai Latte Mix 135g

Lansdish Reishi Chaga Chai Latte 300 gm

Love chai lattes and functional mushrooms?

Then use this delicious chai spiced plant-based blend to make a hot, rich, wholesome latte with all the benefits of organic reishi and chaga fruiting body extracts for immune and gut support and ashwagandha root for relaxation.

Easy and convenient to enjoy anytime of the day, our Reishi Chaga Chai Latte Mix is caffeine-free.

A comforting and heartwarming taste of chai made with real cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and clove. No sugar added.


  • PLANT-BASED - Made in a facility processing vegan ingredients only.

  • SUPER DELICIOUS - Rich, creamy and tell-your-friends delicious!

  • LOW-CAFFEINE - 25 mg of caffeine per serving (~¼ cup of coffee)

  • LOW-CARB - 1 g net carbs. No sugar added.

  • GREAT VALUE - 1 jar = 40 cups!

  • PURE & SAFE -Ingredients are third-party lab tested to guarantee purity and safety.*

  • ALLERGEN-FREE FACILITY - Made in a facility that is tightly controlled to keep all priority allergens out.*



    Prebiotic fungal beta glucans, found in functional mushrooms such as lion’s mane, reishi, chaga, turkey tail and cordyceps, have been shown to help boost the immune system.


    Reishi and chaga mushrooms are traditionally said to promote relaxation, while ashwagandha root has been considered to help reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels.


    The same fungal beta glucans (prebiotic fibres) that can help to support immune function, can also have a direct impact on gut health by feeding probiotic bacteria in the microbiome.


  • REISHI MUSHROOM: 100 mg organic reishi fruiting body extract

  • CHAGA MUSHROOM :100 mg organic chaga fruiting body extract

  • ASHWAGANDHA ROOT :250 mg organic ashwagandha root

  • COCONUT MILK: Rich organic coconut milk powder

  • FINE SPICES: Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves

Free From:







How To make:

1.Heat 1 cup of your favourite milk (we love oat!)

2.Add 1 tbsp of latte mix

3.Mix with a whisk or frother until smooth


Boost with 1.5 tbsp of Landish marine collagen for extra benefits!