Brush With Bamboo

Brush With Bamboo Kids Toothbrush 1 Count

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Chinese Moso Bamboo, 62% Castor Bean Oil, 38% plastic.

Brush With Bamboo Kids Toothbrush

The Brush With Bamboo Kids Toothbrush features natural plant based bristles! Made in the USA with Castor Bean Oil, these bristles are both soft and contoured for ultimate comfort on new teeth and gums. As soon as those first teeth appear it is time to start brushing gently in a circular motion. The Bamboo handle is highly sustainable, pesticide free, and made from Giant MOSO Bamboo (not part of the Giant Panda's diet), which grows wild in China. Quality control is maintained by the Manufacturer's Family and overseen to ensure fair labour practices. This choice for your little one, will start them on a path towards products that are eco-friendly. It Is the perfect way for your child to leave a smaller baby footprint on this planet.


  • Capillary action of the plant-based bristles absorbs more plaqye than standard nylon bristles.*
  • The contoured shape of these bristles make for a superior clean.*
  • Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal.*
  • Biodegradable.
  • Reduced plastic footprint.


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