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  • Woodlot Candle Cascadia 8oz | 628250757118

    Woodlot Candle Cascadia 8oz

    $22.59 $29.99

    Woodlot Candle Cascadia An invigorating blend of fir, cedar and patchouli. Into the woods. Light your sense of adventure. Venture off the beaten path with this mix of patchouli & dense woodsy notes. Features: Burns for up to 40 hours. Organic...

  • Woodlot Candle Cinder 8oz | 628250757149

    Woodlot Candle Cinder 8oz

    $22.59 $29.99

    Woodlot Candle Cinder Cozy cabin magic. A creackling fire, good books and great company, warm up with the ones you love. Aromas of vetiver, cedar, orange and cinnamon. Features: Burns for up to 40 hours Organic Coconut Wax Non-GMO Soy Wax Petroleum...

  • Woodlot Candle Flora 8oz | 628250757132

    Woodlot Candle Flora 8oz

    $22.59 $29.99

    Woodlot Candle Flora This aromatic blend of calming lavender, crisp sweet orange, exotic patchouli, and refreshing bergamot is a romantic escape. Ignite to invite botanical bliss into your space, and benefit from the grounding powers of patchouli...

  • Woodlot Candle Original 8oz | 628250757101

    Woodlot Candle Original 8oz

    $22.59 $29.99

    Woodlot Candle Original Light and let go with an invigorating, exotic blend of refreshing fir, crisp pine, woodsy cedarwood, calming eucalyptus, and sweet vanilla + orange. A walk in the woods with your love. Features: Burns for up to 40 hours Organic...

  • Woodlot Candle Recharge 8oz | 628250757255

    Woodlot Candle Recharge 8oz

    $22.59 $29.99

    Woodlot Candle Recharge A stimulating harmony of soothing peppermint and invigorating rosemary make this uplifting scent a remedy for stress and fatigue. Ignite and experience a herbaceous escape, while benefiting from rosemary's natural ability to boost...

  • Woodlot Candle Wildwoods 8oz |  628250757156

    Woodlot Candle Wildwoods 8oz

    $22.59 $29.99

    Woodlot Candle Wildwoods Woodsy balsam oil, refreshing fir oil, and warming clove oil make this invigorating candle an energizing treat for the senses. Ignite to invite the spirited scents of a natural escape, and benefit from the purifying powers...

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