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  • Le Comptoir Aroma Eucalyptus | 848245024913

    Le Comptoir Aroma Eucalyptus 10 ml

    $7.99 $9.99

    Le Comptoir Aroma Eucalyptus Eucalyptus globular or "fever tree" is a tree about thirty meters, a native of Australia.* Just as the withdrawing Eucalyptus bark is obsolete: it stands in wide strips.* The flowers are cream colored nectar.* Le Comptoir...

  • Le Comptoir Aroma Lemon | 848245024876

    Le Comptoir Aroma Lemon 10 ml

    $9.99 $12.50

    Le Comptoir Aroma Lemon The lemon tree is a fruit tree with persistent foliage, it requires a mild climate to hot and dry and is native to China and India.* In France, it is grown in Corsica and around the Mediterranean.* Its fruit (lemon), remains on...

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