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Hello Wellness Warrior! Meet Dr. Paul Zickler


Paul Zickler, MD.
Dr. Paul Zickler, MD

Dr. Paul Zickler is the Medical Director at YesWellness.com. He has been a medical doctor for over forty years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Yes Wellness team. Having graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1972, Dr. Zickler has acquired a variety of roles, ranging from:


  • Emergency physician

  • Director of the IPA-BC (International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia)

  • Associate professor of emergency medicine with the University of British Columbia

  • Founding member of CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association)

  • Principal investigator for Phase 2 and 3 researching vaccines


Now you might be thinking: Medical doctor and natural health? The two just don't mix. Trust us – it does! Dr. Zickler has a strong interest in all aspects of health, especially nutrition and naturopathy. He has always believed that as a doctor, it is his responsibility to not only help his patients recover from disease and illness while it exists, but to also help prevent disease and illness from occuring at all. Dr. Zickler's philosophy on health became even more clear, when his daughter decided to study as a naturopathic doctor. As she progressed in her studies, he found himself also diving into the world of natural health. 


As the Medical Director of Yes Wellness, Dr. Zickler takes part in:



You can also listen to him on Boomer Life Mondays on CISL 650am at 6pm PST.


In his spare time,  Dr. Zickler enjoys reading the latest health trends, indulging in health books, attending health conferences, and of course spending time with his family.


Optimal Health According to Dr. Zickler


Combining his medical experience and interest in natural health, Dr. Zickler believes that optimal health can be achieved by being proactive and practicing health care management early in life, rather than only treating a health condition when it becomes a severe. This is made possible by combining good nutrition and natural medicine into your everyday life, and using western medicine only when needed. 


Have a question for Dr. Zickler?


Ask Dr. Zickler your health question by clicking here. If you don't hear from him right away, don't panic. He will get back to you within seven business days.

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