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Oral Science Curaprox Toothbrush 5460 - 1 Count

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Oral Science Curaprox Toothbrush 5460 |7612412423112

Oral Science Curaprox Toothbrush 5460

Curaprox 5460 Ultra Soft Antipalcca toothbrush All the tools to remove plaque with high accuracy.* Curaprox is the line of professional tools for the 'mechanical oral hygiene that is born from the most advanced Swiss research. Curaprox has a wide range of interdental cleaners, toothbrushes and dental floss made with extreme care in every detail, using the most innovative technologies and materials to ensure efficiency and quality that they are second to none. With its unique characteristics, Curaprox guarantees' accurate and significantly higher oral hygiene, allowing you to remove plaque with absolute precision with the utmost respect of teeth and sensitive gums.* The range of mechanical oral hygiene products have also recently added two innovative products Black is White, two innovative whitening toothpaste paste made from activated carbon.* Curaprox CS "Sensitive" are Antiplaque Toothbrushes with ultra-fine bristles Curen, innovative material that allows the use of thinner filaments for a deeper removal of plaque; It allows you to exert more pressure without causing any damage to the gums and provides a longer life.* The small and compact head is perfectly suited for critical points and the ergonomic and flexible handle ensures optimum handling.* Curen ultra fine bristles for effective cleaning but gentle and unarimozione deeper plaque even below the gum line.* The small and compact head is perfectly suited to critical points offering an intense and gentle cleaning, whatever the brushing technique.* A diverse range so you can choose a specific toothbrush for different needs and patient's problems. The bristles in Curen are able to absorb 10 times less water than those Nylon maintaining longer the original compactness. 5460 ULTRA SOFT Toothbrush Antiplaque - DAILY ORAL HYGIENE Bristles Curen 0.10 mm-fine filaments making it really an ultra soft brush. Toothbrushes with compact head and soft bristles to effectively remove plaque very gently without causing trauma.


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