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North Coast Naturals Boosted MCT Powder

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North Coast Naturals Boosted MCT Powder 300g Unflavoured | 627933100302

North Coast Naturals Boosted MCT Powder 

North Coast Naturals Boosted MCT Powder 300g provides quick energy boost for physical and mental performance and is easier to digest as compared to the regular fats. Unlike regular fats,
they bypass the liver, making them a faster energy source. Gram for gram, they provide just over twice the energy of carbs. MCTs provide fuel for both muscle and brain cells, and evidence suggests they can support healthy thyroid function.

It is perfect for you if you are following the keto diet. The product is made travel friendly by spraying the oil on to dietary fibre. This combination provides a nice creamy texture, for hot or cold beverages. North Coast Natural's MCT’s are made from 100% pure non-GMO coconuts.* Naturally grown and sustainably farmed without herbicides or pesticides.* Hexane and solvent free. Non-hydrogenated.*


  • Keto-approved
  • High C8 potency*
  • Non-GMO*
  • Natural
  • Vegan-Acacia & inulin prebiotic fibre used in place of typical casein.*
  • High-performance brain & muscle fuel
  • 100% pure MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides)
  • 6 times more MCTs than regular coconut powder
  • Ours is in the preferred 70:30 ratio of C8:C10 with no C12


Fractionated coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides), prebiotic fibres (acacia gum fibre, insulin fibre).

Suggested Use: Use as a dairy-free/cholesterol-free ‘creamer’ for coffee or tea, or add to shakes or smoothies. Provides a creamier texture than liquid MCT oil. Allow longer time to stir. Store in a cool, dark place. No refrigeration required. If you’re looking to go on a reduced-sugar or reduced-carbohydrate diet (such as a keto diet), pure MCT Powder is a preferred fuel source. Use as a dairy-free/cholesterol-free "creamer" for coffee or tea, or simply add it to shakes or smoothies.*

These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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