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Native Forest Coconut Milk Powder

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Native Forest Coconut Milk Powder


Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Tapioca Syrup, Sugar Esters (Plant Based).

Native Forest Coconut Milk Powder

A staple of traditional Asian and Caribbean cuisines, coconut milk lends its rich and creamy goodness to many wonderful regional dishes. Convenient and easy to use, Native Forest Coconut Milk Powder is an excellent choice for the home chef who values the convenience of a powdered milk, but wants to avoid the dairy and the additives that often accompany it. To produce Native Forest Coconut Milk Powder, we spray-dry fresh coconut milk, adding only select, plant-based ingredients (less than three percent tapioca syrup and less than one half of one percent sugar esters) to protect, disperse and balance nutrients when the milk becomes powder. There are no other ingredients. Native Forest Coconut Milk Powder is great to take camping or travelling since it has no need of refrigeration. It dissolves quickly when stirred in hot water and may soon become your favourite ingredient in soups, curries, sauces, desserts and beverages.


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