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Lorna Vanderhaeghe Slim-T

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Lorna Vanderhaeghe Slim-T Is extracted from citrus fruits for a delicious taste.

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Lorna Vanderhaeghe Slim-T

  • Zesty Citrus
  • Delicious, refreshing
  • May curb appetite*
  • Attempts to stop cravings*
  • May increase thermogenic action*
  • May increase metabolism*
  • Attempts to release lipids stored in fat cells*
  • Hopes to improve digestion*
  • Has a cleansing action


Garcinia cambogia extract: The active ingredient, hydroxylcitric acid may reduce the amount of lipids stored in the fat cells or as cholesterol.* It converts much of this material into useable energy, creating a mild thermogenic action (heat), while potentially increases your fat-burning rate.* By increasing heat and metabolic rate, we can attempt to burn off fat.*

Hibiscus flowers: Hibiscus flowers are used as a gentle diuretic and for disorders of circulation.* This herb may also be useful as a treatment for constipation by providing a very mild laxative effect.*

Chinese Green Tea: Green tea’s mild stimulating action is said to occur for potentially emulsifying lipids and stopping food stagnation.* Green tea may aid in digestion and elimination.* The combination of green tea along with Hawthorn berries has been used in the orient for centuries to reduce excess fat.*

Hawthorn berries: In addition to being used to try and reduce excess fat, Hawthorn berries are used to attempt to strengthen the heart and reduce blood lipids.* It also has a mild diuretic action.*

Malva verticillata leaves: This herb provides a soothing diuretic effect and works to promote optimal performance of the digestive tract.*

Parsley root: Parsley root is an effective diuretic and also promotes digestion.*

Lemon peel: As a slimming agent, lemon peel helps the body try and cleanse by promoting perspiration and acting as a natural diuretic.* Lemons also aid digestion and provide a reduction in hyperacidity in the stomach.

Citric acid: Is extracted from citrus fruits and is a key intermediate in metabolism. Citric acid also helps to promote movement of waste through the intestinal tract.* It also adds zest to the flavour of the tea.

Cranberries (fruit pieces): Commonly referred to as an effective preventive and treatment for bladder infections, cranberries are a source of proanthocyanidins (also called tannins).* Cranberries are a gentle diuretic attempting to help mobilize ‘false fat’ or excess water retained in cells.*


These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Ingredients: Garcinia cambogia extract, Hibiscus flowers, Chinese green tea, Hawthorn berries, Malva verticillata leaves, Parsley root, Lemon peel, Citric acid, Cranberries (fruit pieces).

Directions: For hot herbal tea, use 1 tea bag per cup. Add boiling water and steep for 3 minutes or until you obtain desired taste. Remove tea bag and enjoy! For iced tea pour 2 cups of boiling water over 4 tea bags. Steep 5 minutes. Remove tea bags. Add two cups of cold water and chill.

Use SLIM-T along with Glucosmart and CLA Plus capsules and follow A Smart Woman’s Guide to Weight Loss program to optimize weight loss and maintain health.

Note: A modification of dietary intake and exercise are necessary for weight loss.

Warning: Not recommended for pregnant women.

Customer Reviews

Love it! Review by Wendy
I am not a great tea drinker, herbal or otherwise, but this tea I love. I just enjoy the flavor and I sit and relax with a cup everyday! (Posted on 3/4/2017)*
Awesome! Review by mik
Really helps me with bloating. I love it! (Posted on 6/10/2016)*
I bought this for my Mom & she loves it! The tea smells great & she likes sipping on it (she actually says to me... can you make me the Lorna tea)! We have yet to see if she`s lost any weight. Lorna is a really good brand & she`s an expert in Women`s health!

(Posted on 6/11/2014)*
slim-t Review by rachel
fantastic product-great flavour (Posted on 4/3/2014)*


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