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KOOA Fermented Organics Grass Blend (DISCONTINUED)

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KOOA Fermented Organics Grass Blend (DISCONTINUED)

KOOA Fermented Organics Grass Blend


organic fermented oat grass (Avena sativa), organic fermented barley grass (Hordeum vulgare), organic fermented alfalfa grass (Medicago sativa), organic fermented wheat grass (riticum aestivum), lactobacillus acidophilus.

KOOA Fermented Organics Grass Blend

Fermentation preserves the nutrients in foods and makes them more easily absorbable. This is particularly important for proteins because they can be difficult for the body to assimilate. Fermentation is also important for greens because their nutrients are locked inside difficult to digest cellulose walls. Fermentation breaks down those walls, unlocking nutrients. Fermentation also improves taste and texture, while naturally creating beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins and probiotics. Unlike other fermented brands, KOOA starts with Certified Organic, nutrient rich plants. We add absolutely NO fillers, sugar, salt, or artificial flavours. The result is clean, potent, highly digestible nutrition your body can absorb!*

KOOA tastes amazing for 2 reasons: Firstly, it is fermented. Fermentation improves both the taste and texture of foods. Secondly, formulation team carefully selected plant proteins with mild flavours and high protein contents. Other proteins on the market have strong tastes that companies mask with sugar and artificial flavours. KOOA has no bad flavours to hide, and that means you don’t have to compromise and ingest sugary artificial flavours in order to get your protein. To complement the mild taste, we simply add a hint of vanilla and a touch of stevia, which is so light that it leaves no aftertaste.*


•Certified Organic

•Contains No Fillers

•Made from Plant-based Ingredients

•Non GMO


•No Added Sugar

•No Preservatives

•Top Allergen Free

•No Artificial Flavours

•No Colours

•No Gluten or Wheat

•No Dairy or Lactose

•No Fillers

Who is KOOA for, and what dietary restrictions does KOOA accommodate?

•People who have absorption problems

•People who want to eat Organic

•Athletes who want to form muscle in the cleanest, most efficiently absorbable way

•Vegans and Vegetarians

•People who are lactose intolerant

•People who are Gluten Free

•People who eat Kosher

•People who are Paleo

•People who want to consume a low calorie diet

•Children love KOOA too, since it tastes great – and parents love that it’s not full of sugar


KOOA is most commonly added to smoothies, but because it tastes so mild many people will make homemade protein bars, cookies, and even ice cream with it. Since it is unflavoured, it doesn’t interfere with the flavour of recipes.



These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.