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  • Jonzac Gentle Scrub 75ml | 3517360003307

    Jonzac Gentle Scrub 75ml


    Jonzac Gentle Scrub The gentle scrub by Jonzac features natural scrubbing particles of silica and jojoba, it potentially removes impurities of the skin and leads it to become fresh and soft.* The...

  • Jonzac Matifying Purifying Cream 50ml | 3517360003659

    Jonzac Matifying Purifying Cream 50ml


    Jonzac Matifying Purifying Cream Jonzac Matifying Purifying Cream regulates the phenomena involved in combination to oily skin.* Excess sebum is controlled by zinc salts and is absorbed by talcum and...

  • Jonzac Konjac Sponge 50g | 3517360010213

    Jonzac Konjac Sponge 50g


    Jonzac Konjac Sponge The Konjac sponge is made from the konjac root and is exceptionally rich in plant fibres.* Its texture treats the skin to a daily micro-exfoliation and leaves behind a protective...