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  • Aiya Matcha Ceremonial Grade


    Ingredients: Pure Matcha Green Tea Powder.Aiya Matcha Ceremonial Grade As Aiya’s most popular grade of Matcha, this Ceremonial Grade offers a beautiful jade green color and a mild, natural sweetness.* The slight Matcha astringency (from tea...

  • Aiya Matcha Cooking Grade


    Ingredients: Matcha Green Tea Powder.Aiya Matcha Cooking Grade People often mistakenly believe that higher – or more expensive – grades of Matcha are the best to use when it comes to making recipes.* However, while a higher quality tea is better on...

  • Aiya Matcha To Go


    Ingredients: Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea, Non-GMO Soluble Corn Fiber (Dietary Fiber).Aiya Matcha To Go By blending Matcha with dietary fiber, we have eliminated the majority of Matcha clumping.* Similar to our Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Matcha...

  • Aiya Matcha Zen Café Blend


    Ingredients: Pure Cane Sugar, Japanese Matcha Green Tea, Fruit Pectin.Aiya Matcha Zen Café Blend Aiya’s Matcha Zen Café Blend sticks are a blend of our Cooking Grade Matcha and pure cane sugar, packed into single-serving packets.* Suited for Matcha...

  • Aiya Organic Gyokuro


    Ingredients: Organic Japanese green tea - GyokuroAiya Organic Gyokuro One of the most prestigious teas of Japan, Gyokuro is shade-grown for weeks before harvest - resulting in elevated levels of L-theanine and a slightly sweet, vegetal aroma.* ...

  • Aiya Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade


    Ingredients: Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder.Aiya Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade Featuring a smooth, delicate flavor and a pleasant vegetal aftertaste, this grade is recommended for daily consumption.* Unlike organic fruits and vegetables, organic...