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Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor 1 Count

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Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor | 0751774510300

Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor

The Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor is the only monitor that tracks and stores fertility and pregnancy information.* It accurately tracks the levels of 2 key fertility hormones (estrogen and luteinizing hormone) and identifies your fertility window each cycle when your chances of conception are highest (the few days before and when you are ovulating)⬠¦..then you can test for pregnancy to see if you have been successful.


Shows both High and Peak fertility days: The monitor reads the simple urine tests to track your personal hormone levels and is designed to identify all of your High and Peak fertility days. It helps you find more fertile days than with any standard LH only ovulation test, so you have more opportunities to get pregnant each cycle.

Easy to use touch screen: The simple touch screen tells you which days you need to do urine tests and allows you to set an alarm as a reminder. You can also indicate when you⬠"!ve had intercourse on a calendar and view all of your personal fertility information for the past 6 menstrual cycles on one screen.

Daily personal fertility status: By reading your individual hormone levels, the monitor will show your personal fertility status as Low, High or Peak each day, so you can plan ahead and maximize your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Test for pregnancy with the monitor: The new Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor enables you to do pregnancy tests. You can test for pregnancy from 3 days before your period is due.* The monitor will estimate when this is, so you can find out as soon as possible if you have conceived.


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