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Introduced in 2006 their innovative green wipe that is compact until a splash of liquid makes it an instant cloth.  This little white puck needed an identity so called it Wysi® pronounced whiz-zee- this is an acronym for -what you see is- a wipe. A splash of water from a bottle, fountain, or tap creates a ultra-soft, personal sized wash cloth. Elevate the experience using water infused with lavender, rosewater, sage and keep a clean cloth at your finger tips, anytime or anywhere you need it. Wysi® is super soft for the most delicate skin and contains no alcohol; has no added chemicals; and is 100% scent-free making it compostable & biodegradable.  Pure, simple and suitable for all skin types, all ages, and an endless list of uses.

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    Wysi Wipe Multipurpose Wipes


    WYSI WIPE MULTIPURPOSE WIPES Ingredients:Cellulose.Wysi Wipe Multipurpose Wipes Wysi Wipes are the preferred alternative to pre-moistened towelettes, facial tissue or paper towels.* They are 100% natural. No chemicals and no artificial smelly scents.*...

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