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Vetisse was developed in house for Yes Wellness by a medical doctor, a veterinarian and a pharmacist to provide our pet friends with natural healing alternatives. It is important to know that our furry family members can have the same adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals and other chemicals that humans do. The creators of Vetisse believe that natural products should be available to both treat and prevent health issues in pets. Their products are manufactured in British Columbia, Canada and are all natural, vet approved, holistic and affordable. Their most popular Vetisse products include Vetisse Rhizo Garlic Extract 100ml 

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  • Vetisse Rhizo Garlic Extract 100ml  | 688899600275

    Vetisse Rhizo Garlic Extract 100ml


    Vetisse Rhizo Garlic Extract Product Information Harness the Health Power of Garlic >> Natural flea control >> Reduce the negative effects of insects naturally*>> Normalizing upper respiratory tract infections*>> Maintain cardiovascular health* >>...

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