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  • TRU-PINE for Pets | 627843083757

    TRU-PINE for Pets 60 veg capsules


    TRU-PINE FOR PETS TRU-PINE for Pets Tru-Pine for pets is a powerful antioxidant made from Canadian pine bark that helps to fight free-radicals.* Suggested Dosage: Up to 25 lbs 1/2 capsule daily. Over 25+ lbs 1 capsule daily...

  • TRU-PINE Vegetarian Capsules | 627843083832

    TRU-PINE Vegetarian Capsules - 60 veg capsules


    TRU-PINE VEGETARIAN CAPSULES TRU-PINE Vegetarian Capsules TRU-PINE Original Canadian Pine Bark Extract Antioxidant helps protect against free radicals.* It retains more then 95% OPCs (Proanthocyanidins).* TRU-PINE is a proprietary Canadian Pine Bark...

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