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The idea behind the SimplyProtein brand was born out of necessity. The original founder was looking for snacks that were made mindfully. What she wanted as a snack that was gluten-free, dairy-free, packed with protein and above all - delicious. When she couldn't find anything that fit what she was looking for, she started the SimplyProtein brand. It was that simple.

SimplyProtein's passion is to help provide you with plant-based energy to keep going physically and mentally. They are always looking for new ways to bring you deliciously simple plant-powered snacks in whatever flavour or format your appetitie desires. So you can keep doing what you do best - whatever it is you do.

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  • SimplyProtein Plant Based Snack Bars - Lemon Coconut 12x40g | 686207206133 SimplyProtein Plant Based Snack Bars - Dark Chocolate Almond 12x40g | 686207206157

    SimplyProtein Plant Based Snack Bars

    $29.95 $36.99

    SimplyProtein Plant Based Snack Bars Name a better duo than peanut butter and chocolate – we’ll wait. This snack bar pairs creamy peanut butter with real roasted peanuts and a delicious chocolate taste. This is one you’ll want to pack...

  • SimplyProtein Kids Bar - Chocolate Brownie 5x25g | 686207401071 SimplyProtein Kids Bar - Strawberry Vanilla 5x25g | 686207401064

    SimplyProtein Kids Bar

    $5.95 $7.99

    SimplyProtein Kids Bar Help fuel your kids with this delicious snack bar that pairs plant-powered goodness with the sweet taste of Chocolate Brownie and Strawberry-vanilla. Features: Peanut and tree nut-free Plant Based Gluten Free NON GMO Source of...

  • SimplyProtein Cookie Bar - Chocolate Chip | 686207408117 SimplyProtein Cookie Bar - Peanut Butter  | 686207408124

    SimplyProtein Cookie Bar

    $9.99 $16.99

    SimplyProtein Cookie Bar The tried and true chocolate chip cookie meets the benefits of plant-based protein in this delicious snack. Help fuel your afternoon and beat the 3pm crash by having your (protein) cookie and eating it too. Plant-based. Packed...

  • SimplyProtein Chips - BBQ 6x30g | 686207802083 SimplyProtein Chips - BBQ 6x30g | 686207802083

    SimplyProtein Chips - BBQ 6x30g

    $12.99 $18.99

    SimplyProtein Chips - BBQ  SimplyProtein chips are clean, crunchy and satisfying. Enjoy! Features: Non GMO Plant BasedKosher & Vegan. Gluten Free Source of protein, calcium and iron 15 g protein, 140 Calories and only 2 g sugar per 33 g bag ...

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