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Santevia understands that modern diets, lifestyles and environmental factors disrupt the delicate balance acidity balance within our bodies. Whether due to consuming sugar, coffee, wine, lack of sleep or other factors our bodies must work harder to maintain an optimal pH. When our bodies are acidic viruses, yeast and bacteria can thrive. This causes imbalances and may contribute to disease. Using the Santevia system can help to increase the bodies alkalinity. Santevia is committed to bringing great taste and a minimum pH of over 8.0 to every glass of water.


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  • Santevia Alkaline Energy Flask

    Santevia Alkaline Energy Flask


    Santevia Alkaline Energy Flask Enjoy the restorative benefits of alkaline, re-mineralized water wherever you go. The Santevia Alkaline Energy Flask is a cost-effective and eco-friendly stainless steel flask containing two mineral baskets that infuse...

  • Santevia Alkaline Pitcher Filter 1 pack  | 708574004218 Santevia Alkaline Pitcher Filter 3 pack | 708574004225

    Santevia Alkaline Pitcher Filter


    Santevia Alkaline Pitcher Filter The Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter is custom-designed to be used with the Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher. Recreating the earth's natural filtration system, Santevia adds calcium, magnesium and other beneficial...

  • Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher  Black | 708574004034 Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher Green  | 708574004010

    Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher


    Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher Enjoy mineralized, alkaline water at home with the Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher. This convenient, hand-held pitcher fits in the door of your refrigerator, and restores your tap water to its natural, alkaline,...

  • Santevia Alkaline Water Stick | 708574003211

    Santevia Alkaline Water Stick - 1 Stick


    Santevia Alkaline Water Stick Product Information Small enough to fit in your purse or pocket, the Santevia Alkaline Water Stick is a convenient way to enjoy affordable alkaline water anytime, anywhere. Add it to your water bottle and stay hydrated with...

  • Santevia Mineral Stones

    Santevia Mineral Stones


    Santevia Mineral Stones The seventh stage in the Santevia Gravity System is a combination of Maifan Stones and bio-ceramic energy balls. When removed from its source of alkalinity, the pH of your Santevia Mineralized Alkaline Water will decrease.* The...

  • Santevia Power Water Stick - 1 Stick | 708574003204

    Santevia Power Water Stick - 1 Stick


    Santevia Power Water Stick Product Information Just add to any water bottle, and POWER UP your water! Want great-tasting, chlorine-reduced, alkaline water wherever you go? Now you can! With the Santevia POWER Water Stick, get clean, mineralized,...

  • Santevia Shower Filter | 708574002115

    Santevia Shower Filter 1 Count


    Santevia Shower Filter Imagine taking a shower in an invigorating mountain waterfall every day, without having to worry about harmful contaminants such as chlorine and heavy metals. Now you can bring purified, mineralized spring water to your shower at...

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