It all began when Martin Lachaine, President and founder, saw his goal of becoming a professional hockey player interrupted by an unexpected injury. But this was not the end for this former athlete, it was a new start! Fascinated by the healthcare industry, Martin decided to build a team of the best in the industry and create a new way to relieve pain naturally. Today, the Quebec-based company offers natural products available in all pharmacies throughout Quebec, Wal-Mart, and in natural food stores


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  • Reeliv5 Sleep 500 ml | 738443000416

    Reeliv5 Sleep 500 ml


    Reeliv5 Sleep A liquid concentrate made from very powerful medicinal mushrooms combined with adaptogenic plants and herbs that helps you get a deep and restful sleep.* Finally, you will wake up reenergized and refreshed! And without the physical and...

  • Reeliv5 Anti Stress 500 ml |738443000423

    Reeliv5 Anti Stress 500 ml

    $26.30 $35.99

    Reeliv5 Anti Stress A unique blend of medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs, promotes psychological well-being and helps the body naturally combat the symptoms of stress.* Briefly, it comes to the rescue of your adrenal glands!* Benefits Helps...

  • Reeliv5 Weight Management 500 ml | 738443000430

    Reeliv5 Weight Management 500 ml


    Reeliv5 Weight Management The first natural weight management product in liquid combining the incredible virtues of medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic plants. It strengthens the immune system by increasing the body's resistance to diseases and stress.*...

  • Reeliv5 Collagen Action 90 capsules | 738443000089

    Reeliv5 Collagen Action 90 capsules


    Reeliv5 Collagen Action Soothe your pain and inflammation right away.* Reeliv5 Collagen Action capsules are born from a unique enzyme technology in Canada.* They include a formula enriched with amino acids and multiple ingredients. Take steps now to...

  • Reeliv5 Arthro Action Spray 90 ml | 738443000379

    Reeliv5 Arthro Action Spray 90 ml


    Reeliv5 Arthro Action Spray Are you familiar with topical sprays? You'll be pleased with the model available from Reeliv5. A single mist may help to relieve the sore area and quickly relieve your arthritic or body pain, whether chronic or short pain.*...

  • Reeliv5 Energy 500 ml | 738443000409

    Reeliv5 Energy 500 ml


    Reeliv5 Energy A perfect combination of medicinal mushrooms, helps to push the threshold of fatigue and increase the level of energy.* With Reeliv5 Energy you will see your endurance increase. It will improve your physical and mental performance, and...

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