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Redmond Clay Products

At Redmond, they believe that we can all make a difference in the world in our own unique ways. Theirs is by making high quality, natural wellness products. They believe that we share an obligation to serve, to create an enduring legacy, and to be a powerful influence for good in the world around us.That's why every product they make has a short list of REAL ingredients, that are also effective.

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  • Redmond Bentonite Clay Powder 283g | 018788902553

    Redmond Bentonite Clay Powder 283g

    $18.59 $23.99

    Redmond Bentonite Clay Powder Redmond Clay is a simple and inexpensive bentonite clay mask with the power to minimize and clear pores. It is naturally antibacterial, and it helps soaks up the oily substance on your skin called sebum.* Features: Redmond...

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