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PharmaSystems Inc., a privately owned Canadian company, was established in 1977 by a pharmacist to distribute products that would enable patients to properly manage their medications. Over 40 years later, they've added hundreds of items to their extensive product mix. Product quality, innovation and value continue to be their driving forces. PhamaSystems' worldwide customer base provides them with extensive intelligence and valuable insight into category trends, resulting in effective product assortments. Their product lines include both consumer packaged goods and behind the counter supplies for pharmacy operations. PharmaSystems facility, located just north of Toronto in Markham, manufactures, assembles, and distributes a wide range of high quality products for both retail and hospital pharmacies. PharmaSystems Inc. has a Medical Device Establishment License for Class 1 and Class 2 Medical Devices, registered with Health Canada, and is ISO Certified – 13485:2016 MDSAP.

Since their establishment, they have been committed to offering high-quality products to help patients maintain good health at home. PharmaSystems' extensive product mix ranges from medication compliance, to first aid, to ear care, all to fit their customers unique healthcare needs.  They are proud to introduce their brand new consumer product packaging, celebrating over 40 years of quality assurance and superior product performance.

As the leading Canadian supplier in pharmacy supplies, they are proud to offer an extensive mix of quality supplies, ranging from compounding and dispensing accessories, to prescription warning labels, to temperature monitoring and storage devices, all to enable best practices in pharmacy. As your single source supplier, PharmaSystems can equip your facility with all of the required and recommended products and resources as outlined by the provincial college of pharmacists - from new pharmacy recommendations to the latest industry requirements, they offer all of the tools and resources your pharmacy needs.

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  • PharmaSystems Lice Comb Kit - Package | 063636005504 PharmaSystems Lice Comb Kit - Product | 063636005504

    PharmaSystems Lice Comb Kit

    $13.35 $16.90

    PharmaSystems Lice Comb Kit Having trouble choosing a comb for lice treatment? There are plenty of options when it comes to “knit-picking”. PharmaSystems Lice Comb Kit may be the perfect option for you if you need something durable, reusable,...

  • PharmaSystems Medisweep Metal Lice Comb | 063636005306

    PharmaSystems Medisweep Metal Lice Comb

    $5.85 $7.90

    PharmaSystems Medisweep Metal Lice Comb  When dealing with lice, you might wonder, which comb is right for me? Choosing the right comb begins with knowing the small differences between each option. Some have long handles and wider teeth, perfect for...

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