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With over 125 years of experience in naturopathic therapy, they symbolize passion and know-how in naturopathy. They noticed that people's continually growing desire for healthcare that is natural and low in side effects and simultaneously develops a strong effect to improve health and life quality. Most of their plants are cultivated in the region around our German head office in Giessen in the heart of Hesse. In 2005, they became the first pharmaceutical company worldwide to introduce paperless documentation and manufacture. 

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  • Pascoe Neurapas Balance 60 Tablets|4039343128610 Pascoe Neurapas Balance 100 Tablets|4039343127088

    Pascoe Neurapas Balance

    $37.99 $49.55

    Pascoe Neurapas Balance Although stress is an inevitable aspect of life, it can become a big issue if it persists or becomes severe. Stress can affect people of all ages, genders, and circumstances in our fast-paced culture. Stress may cause both...

  • Pascoe Basentabs pH-balance Pascoe 100 Tablets|4039343115139 Pascoe Basentabs pH-balance Pascoe 200 Tablets|4039343118666

    Pascoe Basentabs pH-balance Pascoe Tablets

    $26.25 $36.95

    Pascoe Basentabs pH-balance Pascoe Tablets These Pascoe tablets have antacid containing alkaline salts. This helps in the maintenance and development of bones. Product Features ANTACID CONTAINING ALKALINE SALTS: Aids in bone development and maintenance,...

  • Pascoe Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream 20g|4039343169101 Pascoe Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream 40g|4039343089959

    Pascoe Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream

    $27.55 $36.00

    Pascoe Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream What is Pascoe Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream Used for? Lymphdiaral® Drainage-Cream is a homoeopathic medicine for swelling and inflammation symptoms like pain, fever, and enlarged lymph nodes caused by injury or...

  • Pascoe Pascoflair 15 Tablets|4039343165448 Pascoe Pascoflair 30 Tablets|4039343127255

    Pascoe Pascoflair Tablets

    $13.55 $19.00

    Pascoe Pascoflair Tablets How Can You Solve Your Sleeping Problem Pascoflair® contains 425 mg of passiflora incarnata (passion flower) dried extract per pill (tablet). This is the greatest concentration of passion flower extract currently available...

  • Pascoe Detox Kit 20ml|4039343164397 Pascoe Detox Kit 50ml|4039343116754

    Pascoe Detox Kit

    $34.30 $43.15

    Pascoe Detox Kit Plant-Based Full Body Detox Kit The Pascoe Detox Kit contains homoeopathic remedies for sinus congestion, indigestion, hives, bloating, irritability, fatigue, headaches, and constipation. Benefits of Body Cleanse Kit GENTLE AND EASY...

  • Pascoe Pasconal Drops 50ml|4039343114125

    Pascoe Pasconal Drops 50ml

    $34.99 $44.00

    Pascoe Pasconal Drops 50ml Sleep problems, physical and mental weariness, anxiety, and restlessness are treated with Pasconal, a homoeopathic medicine. Benefits of Pasconal Drops REDUCE SLEEP DISTURBANCES LIKE NIGHT TERROR – Aids in the relief of...

  • Pascoe Lymphdiaral Drops 50ml|4039343115436

    Pascoe Lymphdiaral Drops 50ml

    $41.25 $50.00

    Pascoe Lymphdiaral Drops 50ml How to treat Swelling? Pascoe Lymphdiaral drops are available in 50 mL oral drops and are made with calendula and echinacea. Lymphdiaral® Drops come in a variety of doses and are suited for people of all ages. Swelling,...

  • Pascoe Vitamin C Serum Intensive Care Serum 30ml| 4064909169998 Pascoe Vitamin C Serum Intensive Care Serum 30ml| 4064909169998

    Pascoe Vitamin C Serum Intensive Care Serum 30ml

    $46.55 $58.00

    Pascoe Vitamin C Serum Intensive Care Serum 30ml Pascoe's sophisticated Vitamin C Serum Intensive Care is precision-designed to regenerate aged skin and restore your youthful glow when it comes to hydrating, nourishing, and revitalizing your skin. The...

  • Pascoe Pascallerg Tablets 100 Tablets|4039343127095 Pascoe Pascallerg Tablets 100 Tablets|4039343127095

    Pascoe Pascallerg Tablets 100 Tablets

    $28.45 $36.00

    Pascoe Pascallerg Tablets 100 Tablets Solution for seasonal and chronical allergies Pascallerg® is a non-drowsy homoeopathic remedy for the treatment of hay fever and other allergies, including spring allergies. It is not a natural antihistamine,...

  • Pascoe Pascosabal Drops 50ml Canada |4039343127170

    Pascoe Pascosabal Drops 50ml


    Pascoe Pascosabal Drops 50ml Pascosabal® is a homoeopathic medicine for frequent urination that is uncomfortable. Pascosabal works by lowering inflammation in the urinary system, which relieves the pain and discomfort of dysuria while also reducing...

  • Pascoe Vertigopas Drops 50ml|4039343127262

    Pascoe Vertigopas Drops 50ml

    $36.75 $45.00

    Pascoe Vertigopas Drops 50ml Vertigopas is a homeopathic remedy to relieve symptoms of vertigo and dizziness.* Ingredients 1g (34 drops) contains: Oenanthe crocata (rhizome, root) 3X 0.2g, Anamirta cocculus (fruit) 4X 0.2g, Conium maculatum (aerial...

  • Pascoe Basenpowder|4039343166704 Pascoe Basenpowder|4039343167091

    Pascoe Basenpowder

    $18.95 $24.65

    Pascoe Basenpowder Are you in search for ways to improve your health for workout routines, due to mineral deficiencies or an electrolyte imbalance?  Minerals are vital for proper bodily function, growth, and strength. These are obtainable through...

  • Pascoe Hyaluronic Face Cream 50ml| 4064909171373 Pascoe Hyaluronic Acid Night Cream 50ml| 4064909171373

    Pascoe Hyaluronic Face Cream 50ml

    $43.95 $53.00

    Pascoe Hyaluronic Face Cream 50ml Pascoe's multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid face cream is clinically created to replenish moisture and give significantly improved results by penetrating deep into all layers of the skin. Hyaluronic acid's...

  • Pascoe Legapas 45ml|4039343090207

    Pascoe Legapas 45ml

    $17.05 $23.00

    Pascoe Legapas 45ml Herbal Solution for Constipation There are few things more frustrating than feeling backed up and constipated. Legapas 45ml drops is Pascoe's herbal laxative used to help relieve your acute or chronic constipation. Legapas is a...

  • Pascoe Markofruct Powder 200g|4039343091686

    Pascoe Markofruct Powder 200g

    $36.50 $46.00

    Pascoe Markofruct Powder 200g Is Markofruct Powder good for you? Markofruct from Pascoe is a prebiotic that helps to maintain a healthy gut flora balance, improves metabolism, and boosts the body's natural immune defence. It helps to improve the gut's...

  • Pascoe Agil Tablets  100 Tablets|4039343135137 Pascoe Agil Tablets  100 Tablets|4039343135137

    Pascoe Agil Tablets 100 Tablets

    $37.99 $48.00

    Pascoe Agil Tablets 100 Tablets Pascoe Agil has typically been used to relieve joint inflammation. It contains 240mg of Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) dry extract per tablet and is produced using naturally obtained medicinal components. Pascoe...

  • Pascoe Pascofemin Drops 50ml|4039343090214 Pascoe Pascofemin Drops 50ml|4039343090214

    Pascoe Pascofemin Drops 50ml

    $41.99 $50.00

    Pascoe Pascofemin Drops 50ml Homeopathic drops to relieve symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, and hormonal disturbances.* Pasconal Pascofemin drops are a homoeopathic remedy used to address hot flashes, insomnia, bloating, mood swings,...

  • Pascoe Rheuma-Pasc Drops 50ml|4039343102092

    Pascoe Rheuma-Pasc Drops 50ml

    $38.95 $49.00

    Pascoe Rheuma-Pasc Drops 50ml What Are Rheuma-Pasc Drops Used For? The homoeopathic remedy Rheuma-Pasc is used to treat chronic muscle and joint pain. Product Benefits ALLEVIATE CHRONIC MUSCLE DISCOMFORT - Injury, misuse, infections of the soft tissues,...

  • Pascoe Sinupas 50ml|4039343090283

    Pascoe Sinupas 50ml

    $36.05 $45.00

    Pascoe Sinupas™ 50ml What Are Sinupas™ Drops? Sinupas™ Drops from Pascoe are a homoeopathic medicine that relieves congestion and irritation in the sinuses and nasal passages. Sinupas™ relieves congestion and irritation by...

  • Pascoe Tussiflorin Thyme Oral Syrup 100ml|4039343165189 Dry Cough Oral Syrup Canada |4039343165189

    Pascoe Tussiflorin Thyme Oral Syrup 100ml

    $14.55 $20.00

    Pascoe Tussiflorin Thyme Oral Syrup 100ml Tussiflorin® Thyme was first developed in 1960. This cough syrup is a great-tasting expectorant made with pure thyme extract that may be used by the whole family. Tussiflorin® Thyme is effective for...

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