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NYDA has a UNIQUE dual action dimeticone 100 cSt6 allowing it to penetrate deeply into the tiniest parts of the lice, larvae and also the egg’s breathing system, replacing the air. This prevents the exchange of gases, provoking death of head lice and its eggs in a physical fashion within 58 seconds. Healthcare professionals play a very important role when recommending a head lice treatment to a parent in a panic! School nurses used to be in a position to take responsibility for prevention, identification and treatment, while these days the responsibility lies with parents, but it is the duty of health care professionals to support parents by providing quality education, advice and information on head lice treatment.

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    NYDA Head Lice Treatment

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    NYDA Head Lice Treatment 4 QUICK and EASY steps to eliminate head lice in 58 pain-free seconds!  Did you know that lice are the most common parasitic infection that affects children? This means that with the rough and tumble lifestyle...

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