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Naväge is the world's only nose cleaner with powered suction to flush out allergens, mucus, dust and germs. Unlike neti pots and nasal squeeze bottles that push saline through your nose, Naväge pulls. It's like the difference between a broom and a vacuum! Safe and effective, fast and convenient, Naväge brings 21st century technology to a time-proven therapy. Developer of handheld saline nasal irrigators designed to relieve sinus congestion caused by allergies, sinuses and environmental pollution. The company's handheld saline nasal irrigators flushes the nasal passages with a pre-measured, all-natural saline and pulls the saline rinse out of the nose from the upper tank into the lower tank, enabling individuals to clear nasal passages and improve nose-breathing.

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  • Navage Nasal Care - Saline Nasal Irrigation | 858492004224

    Navage Nasal Care - Saline Nasal Irrigation

    $99.95 $115.00

    Navage Nasal Care - Saline Nasal Irrigation Navage provides fast, all-natural relief from allergy and sinus symptoms, helps reduce snoring, and keeps your nose clean - without drugs!* Features: Uses powered suction to flush...

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