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Natursource Inc was founded in 1980. The company's line of business includes manufacturing cereal breakfast foods and related preparations. naturSource is a operated business, originally founded by Garry and Trudi Oberfield in 1980. Since then, naturSource® has grown and evolved with the health food industry, while remaining true to its core values.

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  • NaturSource Tamari Almonds 200g | 068110030744

    NaturSource Tamari Almonds 200g

    $6.49 $7.99

    NaturSource Tamari Almonds Dry roasted to perfection, NaturSource's exclusive Tamari Almonds are skillfully prepared in small batches with premium quality almonds and an authentic natural sauce from Japan. Enjoy the unique and smoky flavour of this...

  • NaturSource Organic Salad Topper Smart Life 110g | 068110940173

    NaturSource Organic Salad Topper Smart Life 110g

    $3.49 $4.59

    NaturSource Organic Salad Topper Smart Life Create splendid salads with this colourful blend of organic ruby red cranberries, pumpkin seeds and tamari sunflower seeds. Rich in antioxidants, this mix is sure to bring your salad to new heights of flavour...

  • NaturSource Voyageur Ultra 200g | 068110341543

    NaturSource Voyageur Ultra 200g

    $6.49 $7.99

    NaturSource Voyageur Ultra Experience Voyageur Ultra and enrich your travels. Savour the pure flavours of NaturSource's natural trail mix with 10 different kinds of dried fruits, nuts and seeds with no additional salt or sugars. Add nutrition to...

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