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NaturPet products are natural herbal remedies made from pure, natural herbs, carefully sourced and formulated as a liquid for rapid absorption and fast, effective results. NaturPet is a line of all-natural herbal remedies formulated in consultation with veterinarians across Canada. Each product in the line is a non-drug, non-pharmaceutical alternative for pet owners who are looking for natural alternatives. Herbal remedies interact with the body on many different levels, working to bring all aspects of the body into balance.


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  • NaturPet Urinary Care | 688899877523

    NaturPet Urinary Care 100 ml


    Ingredients & Benefits Juniper berry (Juniperus communis) The volatile oils found in juniper berry, particularly terpinen-4-ol have been used for hundreds of years for kidney conditions and urinary tract infection. Recent research has confirmed these...

  • NaturPet Lung Care | 688899867524, 688899867531

    NaturPet Lung Care 100 ml


    NaturPet Lung Care LUNG CARE soothes your pet’s respiratory system using expectorant and antispasmodic herbs to help clear your pet’s lungs while soothing dry, spasmodic coughing.* Use LUNG CARE prior to and during short/extended kennel...

  • NaturPet Paw and Skin for Dogs | 688899885863

    NaturPet Paw and Skin for Dogs 60 ml


    Ingredients & Benefits Chapparal aerial parts (Larrea mexicana) This herb has antiseptic properties which kills bacteria and other micro-organisms. It has been used since early times to heal burns, bruises, rashes and open wounds. White Oak bark...

  • NaturPet Be Calm (formerly Home Alone) 100 ml | 688899892519

    NaturPet Be Calm (formerly Home Alone) 100 ml


    NaturPet Be Calm (formerly Home Alone) NaturPet Be Calm (formerly Home Alone) is a blend of herbs formulated to calm cats and dogs who become anxious when left alone.* Herbs are used to relax nervous tension while helping to tone or balance cerebral...

  • NaturPet Ear Drops | 688899805014

    NaturPet Ear Drops 10 ml


    Ingredients Lobelia aerial parts (Lobelia inflata) Early North American herbal physicians from the turn-of-the-century considered lobelia to be one of the most important medicinal plants and it was used in many formulas as an anodyne or pain reliever...

  • NaturPet Liver Care | 688899882527

    NaturPet Liver Care 100 ml

    $27.99 $35.99

    NaturPet Liver Care The liver works as a powerful cleanser for your pet's body; like any filter it needs regular cleaning to work properly.* LIVER CARE contains Milk Thistle, an herb which helps promote liver health.* Benefits: Made in Canada.* Vet...

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