Advanced diagnostics have led scientists to realize how important the gut microbiome is. With a growing understanding of this information, brothers Earl and Derek McLaren realized that the solution to a healthy gut based on an ancestral raw diet was laying right at their feet. These farmers, who hail from a small town in the middle of the Canadian prairies, assembled a team to clinically prove that the potatoes they had grown their whole lives could provide the world's best supplement grade resistant starch. The brothers created a high-quality flavorless prebiotic powder rich in resistant starch, perfectly suited for topping up the diet with the appropriate levels needed for a healthy gut. This great discovery has come with a desire to share MSPrebiotic with the rest of the world.

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  • MSPrebiotic Prebiotic Supplement -Flavourless Powder 30 x 10 g | 628055303053 MSPrebiotic Prebiotic Supplement -Flavourless Powder 454 g | 627843468455

    MSPrebiotic Prebiotic Supplement -Flavourless Powder

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    MSPrebiotic Prebiotic Supplement -Flavourless Powder Prebiotic Supplement is a great way to improve the health of your digestive system. Are you looking for a simple solution for better gut health & low energy levels? Then a prebiotic is what you...

  • MSPrebiotic MSP eubiotic 454 grams | 627843468448

    MSPrebiotic MSP eubiotic 454 grams

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    MSPrebiotic MSP eubiotic  An all natural prebiotic for your dog that contains no grain, gluten, or lactose ingredients and is non-GMO.  MSPeubiotic Resistant Starch is a prebiotic with a eubiotic effect that maintains healthy digestion and...

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