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Metagenics Canada

Metagenics was founded in 1983 on a brave new scientific concept: how the right nutrition could help people realize their best health possible by influencing what makes them unique—their genes. They stand above the crowd by allocating substantial resources for an in-house scientific staff and technologically advanced facilities necessary to conduct adequate research and evaluation. Their manufacturing facilities are GMP certified. They manufacture over 100 Products Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyles, over 350 suitable for a Gluten-Free Lifestyle and have independant Non-GMO verification for 98% of their ingredients. Our most popular Metagenics products include Metagenics UltraFlora Balance, Metagenics Vitamin D3 LiquidMetagenics Bone Builder Chewable, and Metagenics Insinase.

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  • Metagenics MetaKids Probiotic 60 Chewable Tablets | 755571951236

    Metagenics MetaKids Probiotic 60 Chewable Tablets

    $35.90 $45.90

    Metagenics MetaKids Probiotic MetaKids Probiotic provides a proprietary blend of highly viable, pure strains of “friendly” bacteria that have been clinically shown to support immune health.* Recommended Use: Probiotics that temporarily...

  • Metagenics D3 Liquid 59.14mL | 755571933782

    Metagenics D3 Liquid 59.14mL

    $32.99 $37.99

    Metagenics D3 Liquid Vitamin D3 helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth, and it also helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus.* Calcium intake when combined with sufficient Vitamin D, a healthy diet and regular...

  • Metagenics Benesom 60 Tablets | 755571934123

    Metagenics Benesom 60 Tablets

    $43.75 $52.99

    Metagenics Benesom Metagenics Benesom Tablets is formulated to potentially promote a restful, relaxed state and relieve occasional sleeplessness by beneficially modulating the metabolism of melatonin and promoting relaxation.* Recommended...

  • Metagenics Insinase 90 Tablets | Free Shipping | UPC 755571915771 Metagenics Insinase 90 Tablets

    Metagenics Insinase 90 Tablets

    $81.90 $109.99

    Metagenics Insinase Metagenics Insinase contains hops extract that is traditionally used in herbal medicine as an aromatic bitter to aid digestion.* Features: non-GMO Gluten Free Vegetarian Recommended Dose: Adults take 3 tablets daily or as...

  • Metagenics UltraMeal Rice Powder Vanilla 672g |  755571918420 Metagenics UltraMeal Rice Powder Chocolate 714g | 755571918437

    Metagenics UltraMeal Rice Powder

    $55.99 $59.99

    Metagenics UltraMeal Rice Powder UltraMeal Rice is formulated to nutritionally support a healthy body composition.* Features: Source of protein Antioxidants Essential and non-essential amino acids for the maintenance of good health ...

  • Metagenics PhytoMulti with Iron 60 Tablets | 755571929013

    Metagenics PhytoMulti with Iron 60 Tablets

    $55.99 $73.99

    Metagenics PhytoMulti with Iron Metagenics PhytoMulti with Iron provides antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for the maintenance of good health. Features: non-GMO Gluten Free Recommended Dose: Adults take 2 tablets daily with food or as directed...

  • Metagenics NutraGems CoQ10 300 30 Chewable Gels | 755571930880

    Metagenics NutraGems CoQ10 300 30 Chewable Gels

    $79.00 $101.00

    Metagenics NutraGems CoQ10 300 NutraGems CoQ10 300 features 300 mg of emulsified CoQ10, a naturally occurring substance that attempts to produce energy and is of particular importance in supporting cardiovascular health.* CoQ10 also has possible...

  • Metagenics PhytoMulti 60 Tablets | Metagenics PhytoMulti 120 Tablets | 755571933331

    Metagenics PhytoMulti Tablets


    Metagenics PhytoMulti Tablets PhytoMulti takes you beyond basic wellness support. It has a proprietary blend of 13 concentrated extracts and phytonutrients with scientifically tested biological activity to support cellular health and overall...

  • Metagenics OsteoVantiv 60 Tablets | 755571936196

    Metagenics OsteoVantiv 60 Tablets

    $66.99 $81.99

    Metagenics OsteoVantiv OsteoVantiv is designed to comfort sore joints and promote joint flexibility in healthy people following exercise.* It features a clinically effective dose of UC-II, containing undenatured type II collagen, which has been...

  • Metagenics PhytoMulti Capsules 60 Capsules |755571935212

    Metagenics PhytoMulti Capsules 60 Capsules

    $57.99 $67.99

    Metagenics PhytoMulti Capsules 60 Capsules PhytoMulti Capsules 60 Capsules provides antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for the maintenance of good health. Recommended Dose: Adults take 3 capsules daily with food or as directed by your healthcare...

  • Metagenics Cenitol Powder 222g | 755571913326

    Metagenics Cenitol Powder 222g

    $57.99 $65.99

    Metagenics Cenitol Cenitol supports healthy overall nervous system function by featuring inositol, an important naturally occurring component of cell membranes. Inositol plays a major role in cell signaling by functioning as a precursor of an...

  • Metagenics SeroSyn 90 Capsules | 755571934239

    Metagenics SeroSyn 90 Capsules

    $88.95 $96.90

    Metagenics SeroSyn SeroSyn features 5-HTP and theanine to help supports a healthy mood balance.* Recommended Dose: Adults take 1 capsule 3 times per day with food or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Use for a minimum of 1 week to see...

  • Metagenics Bone Builder Forte 180 Capsules |755571918987

    Metagenics Bone Builder Forte 180 Capsules

    $72.99 $89.99

    Metagenics Bone Builder Forte Bone Builder Forte provides bone health support with microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate (MCHC), a highly absorbable crystalline compound that provides everything found in healthy bones and is backed by...

  • Metagenics Hemagenics 60 Tablets | 755571915535 Metagenics Hemagenics 180 Tablets | 755571915542

    Metagenics Hemagenics

    $28.99 $39.99

    Metagenics Hemagenics Hemagenics is a blend of iron, B vitamins, and other nutritional factors designed to support the formation and maintenance of healthy red blood cells.* Recommended Dose: Take 1 tablet daily with food a few hours before or after...

  • Metagenics Blisphora 30 Tablets | 755571936264

    Metagenics Blisphora 30 Tablets

    $76.99 $89.99

    Metagenics Blisphora Blisphora is a revolutionary formula featuring clinically effective levels of SAMe (s-adenosyl-L-methionine), a compound native to the body that is a critical component of many biochemical reactions and plays an important role...

  • Metagenics Glutagenics Powder 259.8g | 755571912619

    Metagenics Glutagenics Powder 259.8g

    $91.00 $118.99

    Metagenics Glutagenics Glutagenics features three key ingredients—glutamine, deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL), and aloe gel, that are designed to support the integrity and healthy function of the gastrointestinal lining.* A healthy...

  • Metagenics SpectraZyme Complete 60 Capsules |755571940179 Metagenics SpectraZyme Complete 180 Capsules | 755571940186

    Metagenics SpectraZyme Complete

    $36.99 $45.99

    Metagenics SpectraZyme Complete Metagenics SpectraZyme Complete provides digestive support with a non-GMO, broad spectrum of non-animal derived enzymes including acid stable lipase and three proteases that function in different pH ranges.* This...

  • Metagenics MetaGlycemX 60 Tablets |755571912626 Metagenics MetaGlycemX 120 Tablets | 755571912633

    Metagenics MetaGlycemX

    $65.99 $69.99

    Metagenics MetaGlycemX MetaGlycemX features a unique combination of green tea extract, cinnamon, and alpha-lipoic acid, nutrients that support healthy insulin metabolism when used as part of a healthy diet for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels...

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