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  • Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes | 847972000146

    Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes 125 grams


    Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes If you⬠"!ve come this far, then the notion that salt is salt is surely old hat. But any lingering doubts will be put to rest by the rather wonderful thing that is Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes. Traditional cold smoking...

  • Maldon Sea Salt Flakes | 847972000115

    Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 240 grams


    Maldon Sea Salt Flakes Accept no substitute for Maldon Sea Salt, because nothing else is quite the same. Maldon sea salt flakes are loved (is that too strong a word? No!) by chefs and shoppers the world over. It⬠"!s the soft flaky texture of the sea...

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