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Maison Orphee

Maison Orphee

Established in 1983, La Maison Orphée is the first craft oil mill in eastern Canada. Since 1989, the company went from importer to producer. Since 1992, La Maison Orphée is owned and operated by the Belanger Family. Our many years of expertise enable us to offer the largest selection of cold-pressed unrefined oil on the Canadian market. The Bélanger sisters are proud artisans who love their work. They’ve sought out the best terroirs in North America and Europe to bring consumers gourmet oils, mustards and vinegars that blend excellence, flavour and nutritional quality together with the discovery of new culinary horizons.

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  • Maison Orphee Fine Grey Sea Salt | 069593100825

    Maison Orphee Fine Grey Sea Salt 250 grams


    MAISON ORPHEE FINE GREY SEA SALT Maison Orphee Fine Grey Sea Salt Grey sea salt is obtained through the evaporation of seawater by the combined action of the wind and sun. It is hand-harvested from the clay-bottom pans of salt marshes, which gives it its...

  • Maison Orphee Fleur de Sel | 069593100818

    Maison Orphee Fleur de Sel 125 grams


    MAISON ORPHEE FLEUR DE SEL Maison Orphee Fleur de Sel Fleur de sel crystallizes on the surface of salt marshes during the hot days of summer. It is then collected by salt harvesters from the water⬠"!s surface and left to dry under the sun so it...

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