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IronKids Vitamins Products

Founded in 2005, Life Science Nutritionals specializes in the manufacture of premium quality gummy vitamins. Under their IronKids label they produce innovative and delicious vitamin formulations for kids. All of their vitamins contain the highest quality ingredients without added fillers, artificial ingredients, or sugar coatings. They are also dairy, gluten and nut free minimizing the risk from common allergens. Their products are manufactured under high Canadian standards in Acton Vale, Quebec. One of our most popular IronKids products is Ironkids Gummies Vitamin D.


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  • Ironkids Gummies Omega-3 60 gummies | 683702100072 Ironkids Gummies Omega-3 120 Gummies | 683702120070

    Ironkids Gummies Omega-3


    Ironkids Gummies Omega-3 IronKids Gummies Omega-3 are specially formulated with pure source DHA and EPA, essential fatty acids that are needed for the optimum development of a child's brain and nervous system.* Recommended Use A source of omega-3 DHA...

  • Ironkids Gummies Multi-Vitamins 60 gummies | 683702100065 Ironkids Gummies Multi-Vitamins 120 Gummies | 683702120063

    Ironkids Gummies Multi-Vitamins


    Ironkids Gummies Multi-Vitamins IronKids Gummies Multi-Vitamins have been specially formulated to support the nutritional needs of children.* The unique blend of vitamins supports kids's energy metabolism.* Recommended Use May help in the maintenance of...

  • Ironkids Gummies Vitamin D 60 gummies | 683702100157 Ironkids Gummies Vitamin D 200 Gummies | 683702200154

    Ironkids Gummies Vitamin D

    $9.75 $12.49

    Ironkids Gummies Vitamin D Ironkids Gummies Vitamin D are specifically designed for kids with 400 IU's of Vitamin D in each gummy which meets children's daily recommended intake.* Vitamin D is essential in the development of strong bones and teeth.*...

  • Ironkids Gummies Calcium

    Ironkids Gummies Calcium


    IRONKIDS GUMMIES CALCIUM Nutrition FactsServing Size: 1 Gummy Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *   Calcium         (tricalciumphosphate)  100 mg     Phosphorus      ...

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