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These beverages are all infused with 100 mg of natural caffeine per can, extracted from green tea, according to Guru. Guru Energy Water is GMO-free and suitable for vegans. It uses two natural and organic sweeteners: erythritol and stevia extract.

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  • Guru Organic Energy Water | 701648010221 | 701648010207 | 701648010214

    Guru Organic Energy Water

    $3.69 $5.99

    Pomegranate Ingredients: Sparkling water, organic erythritol (natural sweetener), organic pomegranate juice concetrate, organic pomegranate flavour, organic infused green tea extract (100 mg caffeine), citric acid, organic stevia extract. Lime...

  • Guru Organic Energy Drink Lite 355 ml  | 701648010153 Guru Organic Energy Drink Lite 4 x 250mL | 701648040129

    Guru Organic Energy Drink Lite

    $3.59 $4.89

    Guru Organic Energy Drink Lite Guru Organic Energy Drink is the first company in the world to market an organic energy water without sugar or calories, and was named best drink by Vegan Health & Fitness magazine in 2016.* This all natural energy...

  • Guru Organic Energy Drink 355 ml | 701648010146 Guru Organic Energy Drink 4 x 250mL | 701648040112

    Guru Organic Energy Drink


    Ingredients: sparkling water, organic cane sugar, organic white grape juice, citric acid, apple acid, natural flavours, organic green tea leaf extract, organic guarana seed extract, organic echinacea flower extract, organic panax ginseng root extract.*...

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