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A grandmother is a person who is kind, loving, and supportive. A grandma, grand-mère, nonna, kokum, lola, or oma, will make you feel special, while teaching you how to reach for the stars and strive for a brighter future. Her smiling face and supportive voice offer you a treat, just for being you, no expectations. These are the ideas that Grandma’s Honey Drops are founded on. Grandma's for Bees wants to provide a comforting treat while contributing to a better tomorrow.

At Grandma’s they know that it takes more than a treat to make the world a better place, although it can’t hurt! This is why Grandma’s has decided to raise awareness and fundraise for a cause that is near and dear to their hearts, saving the bees. Grandma’s is not only raising awareness for bee-saving initiatives but is also donating 5% of the profits from each sale to Bee City. They believe in connecting their product back to nature and supporting fresh and natural ingredients. Even though Grandma’s has decided to support the pollinators, Grandma's for Bees realizes that you may have your own cause to support. For this, they have created Fundraise with Grandma’s, so that you can use their delicious Honey Drops to fundraise for the cause closest to your heart.
Their Honey Drops are made from real good old fashion honey. Early on they made the decision to source our honey from Canadian beekeepers. Using local honey allows them to support local businesses and the community around them, while making a product Canadians can be proud of. Grandma's for Bees are constantly improving and looking to better their brand because quality takes time and dedication. Grandma's for Bees prides themselves on listening closely to feedback and making the changes that matter most to you! 

Their purpose there at Grandma’s is simple, they offer a comforting treat while trying to make the world a better place to live and grow up in. Everyone at Grandma’s would like to thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about the inspiration behind their delicious Honey Drops.

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    Grandma's for Bees Honey Drops (Pastilles au Miel) 80g

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    Grandma's for Bees Honey Drops (Pastilles au Miel) 80g Butter Nothing says comfort like the taste of Grandma’s butterscotch.*   There’s something just right about the combination of salty butter and honey sweetness! With the right...

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    Grandma's for Bees Maple Treats 80g

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