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Ginger People

Ginger People

A delicious syrup with the bright, sweet, spicy flavor of ginger: Perfect for baking (add it to an apple pie filling or stir it into muffin or cake batters), cooking (try it in sauces or glaze poultry and pork with it), or use it as a topping or garnish (swirl it into oatmeal, glaze nuts with it, or drizzle it over ice cream). The main mission is to be the most trusted ginger brand in the world through quality, innovation, social responsibility, education and commitment.

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  • Ginger People Organic Minced Ginger | 734027904064

    Ginger People Organic Minced Ginger 190 grams

    $5.95 $8.85

    GINGER PEOPLE ORGANIC MIINCED GINGER Ingredients: organic ginger, organic sugar, rice vinegar.Ginger People Organic Minced Ginger Finley chopped ginger to easily incorporate into your favorite homemade dish. Add Organic Minced Ginger to marinades, salad...

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