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Eden Foods

Eden Foods

Eden Foods, Inc., (also known as Eden Organic) is an organic food company based in Clinton, Michigan. It is best known for its Edensoy line of organic soy milk, and its line of organic Japanese foods and condiments. The company claims to be the oldest independent organic food producer in the United States, and the largest supplier of organic dry grocery items. Eden was founded in 1969 as a co-op grocery store in Ann Arbor, Michigan to continue the operations of a defunct macrobiotic food buying club. Originally incorporated as a nonprofit, it became a for-profit company in 1970. In 1972, the company began importing Japanese foods such as miso and soy sauce for both the retail and commercial markets. Many of Eden's Japanese foods are still sourced in Japan.

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  • Eden Foods Wasabi Powder | 024182002188

    Eden Foods Wasabi Powder 25 g


    EDEN FOODS WASABI POWDER Eden Foods Wasabi Powder Eden Foods Wasabi Powder provides a rarity with real wasabi root, Wasabia japonica, valued for its fiery flavor and purifying qualities. Mix it with hot water into a paste. Essential for sushi, it adds...

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