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DOM'S Deodorant

DOM’S Deodorant was born from a passion for health. When looking for natural body care products, you have to be a discerning shopper. Unfortunately, many seemingly natural ingredients can still expose you to the harmful chemicals you are consciously striving to avoid such as herbicides and pesticides used in growing the plants, and chemicals used in their processing. That is why DOM’S takes natural a step further by choosing simple, organic, plant based ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced. Most of the ingredients are even edible.  The natural ingredients we choose effectively inhibit odour causing bacteria while nurturing your skin.


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  • DOM’S Deodorant Pure Organic Deodorant 70mL - Lemongrass Cedar | 627843395911 DOM’S Deodorant Pure Organic Deodorant 70mL - Lavender Rosemary | 627843395928

    DOM’S Deodorant Pure Organic Deodorant 70mL

    $17.99 $21.99

    DOM’S Deodorant Pure Organic Deodorant DOM’S Deodorant is passionate about health. They only use simple, plant-based, organic and natural ingredients for amazing all-day odour protection. DOM’S Deodorant Low Baking Soda + Dietary...

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