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Clens 100

Clens 100

Clens wearers hydrophilic soft contact lenses and disposable lenses permeable rigid contact. Clens 100 Lens Drops help prevent the daily build up of protein deposits by creating a protective shield on the surface of the contact lens. When used a few times a day, the lens drops help to maintain the comfort and feel for the wearer, especially useful if you wear your contact lenses for extended periods. Clens 100 lens drops may be used to lubricate and rewet daily and monthly soft contact lenses as well as gas permeable contact lenses.


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  • Alcon Clens 100 Lens Drops 8 ml | 0056394920004

    Alcon Clens 100 Lens Drops 8 ml

    $6.99 $8.99

    Alcon Clens 100 Lens Drops 8 ml Clens 100 lens drops by Alcon is a 8 ml bottle of lens drops that help prevent protein and deposit buildup on your contacts, giving you reliably clean and healthy contact lenses at the drop of hat!* Protect your eyes with...

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