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The Cerra brand is focused on providing customers with the highest quality alkaline, antioxidant water available. Cerra filtration products take water through a precise 5 step process. The process begins with filtration, which leads into alkalinity, adding anti-oxidants, micro clustering and then energizing the water through a proprietary infusion process imprinting the water with thousands of beneficial energy patterns. Cerra products are BPA Free, BPS Free and made with the highest quality materials.

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  • Cerra Cerragizer Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Teabag


    Cerra Cerragizer Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Teabag The Cerragizer is a tea bag full of Cerra-Ceramics which creates alkaline antioxidant water.* Put a Cerragizer inside any bottled or clean water to create alkaline antioxidant water just like the Cerra...

  • Cerra pH Testing Drops | 661799722810

    Cerra pH Testing Drops 10.5 ml


    CERRA PH TESTING DROPS Caution: Do not consume, drink or eat.Cerra pH Testing Drops PH testing drops are designed for testing water for its alkalinity.* Instructions: Put 1-2 ounces of water in a shot glass and then add several pH testing drops. The...

  • Cerra Water Pitcher | 661799722803

    Cerra Water Pitcher 1 kit


    CERRA WATER PITCHER Technical Specifications: The pitcher has a capacity of 1.8 liters of filtered water with a 3.3 liter total capacity, suitable to fit most refrigerator doors. The water filter improves the quality of tap water and provides clear,...

  • Cerra Water Replacement Filters | 661799722896

    Cerra Water Replacement Filters 3 Pack


    CERRA WATER REPLACEMENT FILTERS Technical Specifications: Each alkaline anti-oxidant filter cartridge will last for approx 2-6 months (80- 200 gallons of water) before requiring replacement depending upon source water. The Cerra cartridges functions...

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