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Boomer Nutrition

Boomer Nutrition is about helping you maximize your health as you age. All Boomer Nutrition products are formulated by Stuart Lowther, a boomer himself, who holds a Masters Degree in Nutritional Science and Metabolism. Boomer Nutrition has developed the first research based protein blend of whey and micellar casein to give you a time released delivery of protein to help prevent sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss).

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  • Boomer Nutrition Protein ENERGY

    Boomer Nutrition Protein ENERGY


    BOOMER NUTRITION PROTEIN ENERGY VANILLA BOOMER NUTRITION PROTEIN ENERGY CHOCOLATE Boomer Protein ENERGY is perfect for those looking to increase energy levels, stay active and retain lean muscle as they age.* Boomer Protein ENERGY has been...

  • Boomer Nutrition Protein FIT

    Boomer Nutrition Protein FIT


    BOOMER NUTRITION PROTEIN FIT VANILLA BOOMER NUTRITION PROTEIN FIT CHOCOLATE Boomer Protein FIT is perfect for those who exercise and want to improve muscle recovery as they age.* It is specifically designed to help people over 50 recover from...

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