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Bone Brewhouse is confident you’ll want to choose their broths for these reasons:

Great Taste – Without question, Bone Brewhouse's broths are chock full of nutrients. But they’re equally passionate about creating broths that taste great. And they are thrilled that customers tell them that their bone broth is the best tasting broth on the market.    

Tradition and Safety – Bone Brewhouse makes their broth the old-fashioned way – slow simmered for hours using simple ingredients.  Following strict food safety guidelines, they produce their broths in a facility registered with and inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Great Value – It’s important to Bone Brewhouse that consumers can enjoy their broths on a regular basis. While many broths on the market are quite expensive, they price their broths fairly. Bone Brewhouse believes in the power of bone broth and want their broth to be affordable for as many people as possible.  

Convenience – Many Canadians would like to make their own bone broths at home, but today’s busy lifestyles get in the way. Bone Brewhouse's broth is frozen and ready to use so that you don’t have to deal with the time commitment, cost, and mess of making it yourself.

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