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Bali Sun

Bali Sun

Bali'Sun Coconut Comfort is an organic, low-glycemic coconut sweetener made from the coconut nectar of the coconut tree flower. As a low-glycemic sweetener, Coconut Comfort is slowly released into the blood stream, which prevents spikes in one's blood sugar levels. Coconut Comfort is branded as the most nutrient-dense sweetener on the market," as it is loaded with B and C vitamins, plus amino acids and minerals. As compared to other sweeteners, Coconut Comfort boasts twice the amount of iron, four times the magnesium and 10 times more zinc.



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    Bali Sun Coconut Comfort


    Bali Sun Coconut Comfort Coconut Comfort is an Organic low glycemic sweetener and can be used as a natural sweetener to add to hot drinks, oatmeal, pancakes, smoothies or any dessert recipe, or use in your cooking to enhance savoury dishes.* Another...

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