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  • Argital Argiltubo (DISCONTINUED)

    Argital Argiltubo (DISCONTINUED)


    Usage: Can be used as a face and neck mask with an anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle action. Has an exfoliating and cleansing for problematic skin with acne and pimples. As a body mask, clay is firming and smoothing when applied to buttocks and thighs, and...

  • Argital Baby Protective Cream | 8018968020901

    Argital Baby Protective Cream 50 ml


    Usage: Protective and soothing. Protective Cream with Violet and green Clay provides a powerful and fast action against nappy rash. Apply a small quantity in the morning after cleansing with Protective Cleanser. Smooth gently over the nappy area until...

  • Argital L'Altro Collutorio Mouthwash | 8018968019776

    Argital L'Altro Collutorio Mouthwash 100 ml


    Usage: Use in the morning and evening, after or in replace of brushing teeth. L’Altro collutorio can be used in 5 ways: - extra light action: 2 ml of product diluted in 40 ml of water.- light action: 5 ml of product diluted in 40 ml of water.- medium...

  • Argital Shampoo for Normal or Dry Hair | 8018968019547

    Argital Shampoo for Normal or Dry Hair 500 ml


    Usage: Shake well before use to ensure that the Clay is mixed well. Pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand. Apply a small amount, the equivalent of a tablespoon of product for the first wash. For the second wash, apply half of that dose. Argital’s...

  • Argital Slimming Mud | 8018968020482

    Argital Slimming Mud 1.5 kg


    how to use: Use a spatula to apply a layer of 1 cm thick at the desired location. The covered area should be slightly larger than the area to be treated. After applying a fleece cover and put a cotton cloth over it, leave at least 30 minutes and no...

  • Argital Vegetal Hair Conditioner (DISCONTINUED)


    Usage After the shampoo, apply it on wet hair, massage well, wait some minutes and rinse up. For intense treatment, after massage, wait 10 minutes before rinse up. Ingredients Water, glycol distearate glyceral caprylate, palmitoyl hydrolyzed wheat...

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