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AquaOmega aims to be the global leader in both innovation and quality when it comes to Omega-3 fatty acid supplements. In a culture of poor dietary habits where health issues and chronic diseases are rampant, AquaOmega believes that high potency fish oil supplements stand above the rest in terms of their remarkable ability to help prevent health issues, correct pathological processes before they wreak havoc on the body, and maintain overall health.  Because AquaOmega cares about their customers, they take special pride in the premium ingredients that make up their supplements. AquaOmega is fully transparent about the ingredients in their products, and everything is 3rd party tested to ensure the absolute quality and purity of every single bottle.

AquaOmega is not satisfied with the status quo. That’s why they have developed alliances with world-leading Omega-3 researchers to not only develop the most concentrated and effective formulas on the market, but to further study and help educate people on the incredible benefits of Omega-3s and their significant effects on health.



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  • AquaOmega High EPA Omega-3 4380mg Lemon Flavour 225ml | 805974007075 AquaOmega High EPA Omega-3 4380mg Lemon Flavour 450ml | 805974060513

    AquaOmega High EPA Omega-3 4380mg Lemon Flavour

    $49.95 $59.95

    AquaOmega High EPA Omega-3 4380mg Lemon Flavour EPA is the essential fatty acid responsible for reducing inflammation in the body. Our Omega-3 EPA formula is up to 5x more concentrated than the other leading brand of high EPA products on the market...

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