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Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) is a Canadian-based company with an established reputation as a leader in developing advanced, innovative, and research based supplements. Orthomolecular refers "to the right amount of the right substance(s) delivered to the right place at the right time," and it is with that spirit that they craft each of their products. Recently voted America's favourite Canadian supplement manufacturer, the company was founded upon the pillars of Innovative Research, Scientific Integrity, Quality Manufacturing, and Consumer Education.Our most popular AOR products include AOR Advanced B Complex, AOR Ortho Adapt and AOR Vitamin C.

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  • AOR Vitamin D3 Liquid Adult 1000IU per 0.2ml 50 ml | 624917042160

    AOR Vitamin D3 Liquid Adult 1000IU per 0.2ml


    AOR Vitamin D3 Liquid Adult 1000IU per 0.2ml Vitamin D can help with growth and maintenance of healthy bones.* Without vitamin D the body could begin to rob calcium from bones, may result in bone breakdown and weakened bones. This can lead to a variety...

  • AOR Vitamin K2 120mcg 60 Vegi-Caps | 624917041439

    AOR Vitamin K2 120mcg 60 Vegi-Caps


    AOR Vitamin K2 120mcg Vitamin K2 from AOR™ provides MK-4 and MK-7, two forms of Vitamin K2 that help maintain bone health.*  Benefits Helps your bones use calcium* Supports normal blood clotting and cardiovascular health* Provides both MK-4...

  • AOR Zen Theanine 60 Capsules | 624917040791 AOR Zen Theanine 225mg 120 capsules | 624917043419

    AOR Zen Theanine 225mg


    AOR Zen Theanine  Theanine is an uncommon and unique amino acid that is primarily found in green tea. Theanine is associated with supporting the healthy function of the mind and balancing mood.* It has anti-stress properties and may relax people...

  • AOR Zinc Copper Balance 100 Veg Capsules |  624917042917

    AOR Zinc-Copper Balance 17mg 100 Vegi-Caps

    $22.95 $28.95

    AOR Zinc-Copper Balance  Zinc helps support a number of aspects of metabolism, including helping with the function of many enzymes and can support the immune system.* Copper also supports in energizing metabolism and promotes antioxidant functions...

  • AOR Zymes 516mg 100 Gastric Resistant Caps | 624917041095

    AOR Zymes 516mg 100 Gastric Resistant Caps


    AOR Zymes 516mg The main application for digestive enzymes is to help improve digestion.* Enzymes increase absorption and help in the breakdown of food into nutrients. If you want to get more out of your food and improve your digestion, digestive enzymes...

  • AOR High Dose R-Lipoic Acid 60 Vegi Caps | UPC: 624917042894 | SKU: AOR-1016-0001

    AOR High Dose R-Lipoic Acid

    $45.45 $56.99

    AOR High Dose R-Lipoic Acid High Dose R-Lipoic Acid helps to promote healthy glucose metabolism.* AOR’s High Dose R-Lipoic Acid provides the natural ‘R’ form of this vital antioxidant produced in the body, unlike most alpha-lipoic acid...

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