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Anurex uses modern technology of transmitting controlled cold directly to internal-external hemorrhoid tissues to bring rapid relief from hemorrhoid pain, itching, burning bleeding and other rectal discomforts. It is a simple method of applying controlled cold to injured part of the body to bring rapid relief. ANUREX was originally developed and patented in the U.S.A. Anurex is absolutely drug – free, safe and effective treatment for immediate relief of pain, inflammation, irritation and rectal bleeding. ANUREX - unique treatment of applying crayotherapy, directly to the problem area with its effectiveness of 95% on all studied patients has been widely approved and accepted by professionals around the world.

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  • Anurex Hemorrhoid Relief 1 Kit | 620279101002

    Anurex Hemorrhoid Relief 1 Kit

    $38.55 $48.00

    Anurex Hemorrhoid Relief 1 Kit Anurex Hemorrhoid Relief 1 Kit may help promote Hemorrhoid healing. It aids in easing pain, itching & burning due to Hemorrhoid.* Product Features and Benefits: Unique Cryotherapy Method Free of side effects and...

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